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Bilal's EasyKale® Download Center

Welcome to the Bilal's EasyKale® download center. Below please find our latest press releases and photos of Bilal Qizilbash and Bilal's EasyKale®.

If you'd like to set up an interview, podcast appearance or discuss a guest blogging opportunity with us, please contact Amanda Hughey at amanda@easykale.com.

2019 Press Releases

May 2019: Bilal's EasyKale LOOP Resource Sheet (PDF)

April 2019: Jackson-Based CEO and Scientist to Speak at Global Health Conference on Yale University Campus in April 2019 (PDF)

March 2019: Mississippi-Based EasyKale Labs Cuts Ribbon on Bilal’s EasyKale (PDF)

February 2019: Bilal’s EasyKale Launches In The U.S. Now Available: New USDA-Certified Organic Kale Shake-On Seasoning (PDF)

Photos - Bilal's EasyKale®

Caption: Bilal's EasyKale® 1.3 ounce shaker bottle has the equivalent of over 60 cups of leafy kale.

Photo caption: Bilal's EasyKale® nutritional label; a serving of Bilal's EasyKale® offers significant amounts of Vitamin A, C, K, Calcium, Niacin and more. 

2019 Photos - Bilal Qizilbash

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all photos courtesy EasyKale Labs, LLC
photographer: Imani Khayyam

Bilal Qizilbash with research partner Dr. Elizabeth Brandon

Photo caption: Bilal Qizilbash with research partner Dr. Elizabeth Brandon

CEO Bilal Qizilbash

Photo caption: CEO and Chief Scientist Bilal Qizilbash is also a fan of "geek culture" as a collector of comic books and merchandise

Bilal Qizilbash - Draw-a-Smile Foundation

Every Friday in downtown Jackson, Miss., (along with a satellite program in Brooklyn, NY) Bilal Qizilbash helps feed the homeless via the "R U Hungry" program administered by his non-profit, the Draw-a-Smile Foundation.

Bilal Qizilbash - R U Hungry

Photo Caption: Bilal Qizilbash hands out drinks at an "R U Hungry" Friday-evening event in downtown Jackson. Every Friday his non-profit, Draw-a-Smile Foundation, feeds the homeless.

EasyKale CEO Bilal Qizilbash

Photo Caption: CEO Bilal Qizilbash is a medical scientist, entrepreneur and humanitarian, working to improve health, wellness and happiness through his research, company and non-profit foundation.