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How to Hide Kale in Your Holiday Feast

Kale helps with migraines, weight loss, boosts your moodfights inflammation, and helps to prevent stroke. (Oh, and then there's cancer.) And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helping with various health problems!

At holiday meals, you're likely to have your entire family in a single room—you might even get them all to eat at the table together! This is the perfect opportunity to slip them a little extra nutrition.

While one serving of kale isn't going to turn their health around completely (you'd have to eat it on the regular for that) it certainly can't hurt.

Here are a few simple ways to make it happen.

Leafy Kale - In Your Salad

If you mix regular leaf kale in with other green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, most people won't notice it. So if a green salad is already part of your Thanksgiving routine, you've got a nice opportunity.

Of course, there's always that one person who is very picky and who will absolutely notice. If you've got one of those coming over this holiday season, EasyKale's got three answers for you.

EasyKale - In Stuffing

EasyKale is the easiest way to sneak kale past any family member. And out of every dish you'll serve, stuffing is without a doubt the easiest to use.

That's because stuffing already has small flecks of this or that which most people can't immediately identify. It just tastes really good. And since EasyKale won't alter the taste of your stuffing at all you can mix it in with ease.

EasyKale - In Casseroles

Casseroles are the next great bet, as long as you're choosing the right ones. Green bean casserole is a good, solid choice for hiding your kale, but any casserole based on green vegetables will do.

You could even try it in your sweet potato casserole—we've found that EasyKale blend nicely with nearly anything, as long as you focus on one or two teaspoons per person. (If you're worried that the green flakes will show then go ahead and stick to your other dishes.)

EasyKale - In Gravy

Easy Kale is great in sauces of every kind. You can shake some into your gravy with ease. If you stir it up really well it's unlikely to show up at all.

It can enhance the flavor of your gravy and give you plenty of reason to smile when your kid feeds green bean casserole to the dog and goes for his 3rd helping of mashed potatoes.

Happy Holidays from EasyKale!

However you sneak kale into your family's diet this holiday season, we hope you have a happy, fun, and safe holiday season.

As for us? We're thankful for you.

To your health!

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