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EasyKale CEO to Speak at Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale

Bilal Qizilbash cancer

Bilal Qizilbash in labBilal Qizilbash, CEO and co-founder of EasyKale Labs, will speak at the Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University this April.

During his presentation, "Hate Kale? Let's Talk," Qizilbash will review the state of his research into the anti-cancer properties of kale and give the audience a better understanding of what he hopes to accomplish with EasyKale.

In lab work conducted while he was studying for a master's degree in medical sciences at Mississippi College, Qizilbash discovered that, in vitro, juiced leafy kale would attack melanoma cancer cells while leaving non-cancerous cells alone. That work eventually led to a patent, and Qizilbash is conducting additional experiments to learn more.

More than 300 speakers will present at the Global Health and Innovation Conference on Yale University's campus, a gathering that is touted as "the leading and largest global health conference" in the world. The conference brings together medical professionals, non-profit organizers and world health leaders to seek out innovative solutions while supporting social entrepreneurship.

At the conference, Qizilbash will also pitch to competition judges with the hopes of securing a grant to help research the positive effects that EasyKale could have for consumers who live in "food deserts," where fresh produce is extremely hard to come by. Working with the City of Jackson and in consultation with the Mississippi Food Network, Qizilbash hopes to make EasyKale available to a select group of people to see if it can help them improve their diets over time.

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