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Five Easy Ways to Use EasyKale... Every Day!

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We hear from a lot of people who are excited about the idea of using EasyKale, but after a few days they wonder what to do with it. But we call it "EasyKale" for a reason—it's easy to add it to your food every day!

Our goal for our EasyKale family is to get you in the mindset of getting a daily dose of kale (#dailykale) so that the unique nutritional benefits of kale are constantly circulating in your system. This is particularly important for the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cancer-fighting qualities of kale; you want to get and keep compounds such as sulforaphane in your system.

But how? Here are five quick tips from our Instagram feed that will help you figure out how to incorporate EasyKale into your daily life!

(One we left out—smoothies—is a really great way to get all sorts of nutrition into your daily routine. See our "ungreen smoothie" recipe here.)

1.) Use EasyKale in Yogurt

EasyKale in Greek YogurtGreek yogurt (particularly a "plain," unsweetened variety) can be a nice addition to any diet, as it's packed with probiotics, protein, calcium, iodine, B-12 and more. (It's particularly good for vegetarians for many of those same reasons.)

We like to add a teaspoon or two of EasyKale to a cup of Greek yogurt, along with a little local honey to sweeten it. We'll often make a parfait out of our morning yogurt, getting in some fiber and oats from organic granola along with some strawberries, blueberries... or both!

This is a really delicious way to boost your nutrition in the morning and get a great start to a full and healthy day. 

2.) Add EasyKale to Eggs

Add EasyKale to Eggs and OmelettesAnother idea for hiding EasyKale in your breakfast is to shake it into scrambled eggs or an omelette.

Eggs can be a fun way to add EasyKale to your regular routine—if your kids are adventurous, for instance, you might go ahead and let them see you turning their eggs green! 

But if you want to add the kale benefits and then forget about them—or if you haven't been a fan of greens such as spinach in your omelette—then a teaspoon of EasyKale is easy to hide in eggs, and you won't taste the kale, particularly if you flavor the eggs with cheese, salsa, or just salt and pepper.

For an omelette or fried egg we recommend breaking the yoke, letting the egg spread in the pan, then shaking some EasyKale on the inside before you fold it over. (You can toss some shredded cheese in there before folding it, too.) Then finish pan-frying and serve on whole-wheat toast.

For scrambled eggs, just shake EasyKale into the egg mixture as it's cooking, then scramble as usual. Dish out on the plate or add to a whole wheat tortilla for a breakfast burrito.

3.) Add EasyKale to Sauces

EasyKale goes great in saucesAnother of our favorite ways to add EasyKale our meals is to simply hide it in sauces. If you have a spaghetti night, or if you ever make your own pizzas, or if you add sauces—even gravy—to any of your regular meals, then EasyKale is a great fit. 

For marinara sauce, for instance, we like to heat the sauce according to the package directions and then put a teaspoon of EasyKale per serving (if there's four of you, put in a tablespoon or a little more) directly in the sauce soon before you take it off the stove. The EasyKale doesn't need to cook in much; just stirring it into the warm sauce should "hide" it well enough, while offering benefits of a full serving of greens.

(We know some moms who have pureed broccoli to hide it in spaghetti sauce and get their kids to easy their veggies—EasyKale is so much easier!)

4.) Add EasyKale to Beans

Black beans, EasyKale and taco saladThe EasyKale kitchen has a Tex-Mex "flavor" to it, so we're cooking black beans a few times per week; but regardless of what sort of beans your family uses as a staple, EasyKale is really easy to add to them.

Again, we recommend that you add EasyKale late in the process—EasyKale is powered from the full leaf and stem of EasyKale, so it has most of the nutritional value of raw kale.

You'll lose some of those benefits by over-cooking it, so you can add it late to most dishes for the best effect.

Heat the beans first, add any flavorings (we inevitably add some creole seasoning and Rotel tomatoes to our black beans for Tex-Mex) and then, when you're close to serving the beans, add in the EasyKale. Just stir it into the existing concoction at a rate of about one teaspoon per person that you're serving and then add the beans to whatever recipe you're creating, like the taco salad shown here. Your #dailykale is done!

5.) Shake EasyKale Directly On Your Food!

EasyKale on quiche and fruitOur final suggestion is a straightforward one—you can always add EasyKale to a meal simply by shaking it on your food.

EasyKale is specially processed to lower the taste profile (it's still 100% kale, we just use a patent-pending, natural process to turn it into its dehydrated form).

Because of that lowered taste profile, it's not as bitter as leafy kale; some folks even think it tastes a little sweet. And that's even including the stem of the kale in the process—something most people discard when they cook kale.

Because the flavor isn't overbearing, you can just shake it on many foods. We eat it on quiche, fruit, sweet potato fries, other veggies—and obviously it works great on burgers, steaks, chicken, in a stir-fry or any other flavorful protein or entry.

So even when you're getting a takeout meal of Chinese food or a delivery pizza, have that EasyKale shaker handy so you can add your #dailykale to whatever you've got on your plate!

Get More Ideas... And a Discount!

We hope you enjoyed all of these ideas for using EasyKale in your daily life. For more, please check out our EasyKale Recipes page and follow us on Instagram, where we regularly post new ideas for using EasyKale.

Thanks for reading and don't forget.... EasyKale loves you! ❤️

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